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World University Exchange

1. Provide opportunities for students at various colleges and universities around the world to share and create learning experiences by collaborating in virtual space.
2. To promote cultural understanding through rich interaction, communication and global team building.

Overview of Fall 2007 Exchange:

From 9/28 - 11/30
International teams of 4-6 students will be given barren virtual space and tasked with collaboratively developing that space and creating a set of rules to govern their new society. Weekly assignments to be carried out both inside and outside of Second Life are designed to foster thought about both their own culture and the cultures of their international teammates. Some aspects of the exchange will be like a "Virtual Survivor" in which teams will be given challenges and awarded virtual prizes that assist them in completing their assisnments and achieving goals.

Exchange Scenario
A spaceship carrying about 500 families on a tour of the outer universe crashed on a distant, unexplored planet and there is no hope of rescue. There are sufficient resources for everyone's survival but there is no agreement on how to best live in this new environment. Everyone has different ideas on how to use the resources and what should be the priorities of the new society that they must build together. Tensions are very high. Already a group of tough guys have taken over the best farming land for themselves and a woman was raped. If norms, rules, and goals are not decided soon, total chaos could result. Your team has been given the task of forming a plan to restore order and develop norms and rules that are most appropriate to the situation.
Thus, the order being restored, a building work of a new type of village, reflecting the new values of this society could be undertaken. Its dwellings, services and institutions could be planned, conceived and realized thanks to the new gained know-how and a new technology that reflects it, Virtual Architecture (VA), invented by those same residents. This new design process calls upon the collaboration of all the residents of this community, but in particular of all the professions within it, sociologists, psychologists, teachers, including the presence of a strong representation of architects and of planners.


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